Lochlea Cask Strength Batch 1

March 20, 2024

The first single malt Scotch whisky at cask strength has been released from one of Scotland’s newest distilleries. Lochlea distillery has been hard at work making exciting releases for whisky lovers across the world and one anticipated releases has been experiencing their whisky at natural cask strength.

Lochlea Distillery have now engaged in releasing some limited edition bottlings. Starting with the ‘first release’ which was snapped up in no time. The series is themed around the different farming seasons, which makes sense for a single-estate distillery. And let’s not forget, the permanent addition of the Lochlea Our Barley was a milestone for the distillery.

The distillery also delivered something for the cask strength lovers, something at a high ‘ABV’. Enter the Lochlea Cask Strength Batch 1, created by John Campbell, the distilleries Master Blender.

“Our new Cask Strength whisky enables this quality to shine through in every dram, showing an amplified version of our signature Lochlea style for those whisky-lovers looking for an extra special something: a bold, yet elegant spirit made with a contemporary approach alongside respected traditions.” said John.

Here’s our tasting notes and why your customers should not miss out on this wonderful paddock to bottle limited release single malt.

The nose, well it’s malty. It’s so pleasantly malty and fresh with crisp clean ripe granny smith apples. The next addition is vanilla custard and when these items come together we get a beautiful aroma of freshly baked apple crumble and vanilla custard. There are some little hints of stewed cherry and floral heather notes, there’s an underlying red fruit note. Now for the taste, it’s slightly aggressive without water which is sort of expected for a young cask strength whisky, I enjoy this. So the taste without water is full of black pepper, toasted nuts predominantly hazelnut and macadamia. Now adding three drops of water to a 30 ml pour shows green apple and the vanilla custard that is present in the aroma. There’s also some dark fruits, fig, date and sultanas. It’s also sweeter with the water. The finish is medium length, the alcohol content really allows this to dry on the palate but leave behind a gracious grassy note which combines well with some sweetness in the form of toffee.

Lochlea Distillery is certainly showing it’s here to stay and be a force in the industry. The whisky is sitting at 4 years old with a 5 year old release about to hit our shores shortly (in small quantities). The young spirit packs a punch in alcohol and in flavour. It’s well rounded and allows us to play around with a few drops of water. It’s going to be a collectable and highly sought after as soon a s the distillery starts to produce bottles with age statements on them. You shouldn’t miss out and you should certainly not deprive your customers of the only opportunity they will have to secure the first ever cask strength bottling from this distillery.

Please log in to our portal and click the link below to purchase your bottle. With case discounts available and a limited amount of bottles for Australia.

Purchase Lochlea Cask Strength Batch 1 here

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