Lochlea Distillery

Lochlea is an independent family owned farm and distillery based in the heart of Ayrshire, Scotland.

Here at Lochlea Distillery we have been quietly distilling and maturing our single malt Scotch whisky using barley that we grow and harvest on the farm.

Since our inaugural whisky launch in January 2022, we have attracted a dynamic, experienced team, drawn from some of the best-known global whisky brands.

We are enjoying bringing our core product, Lochlea ‘Our Barley’ and limited edition seasonal single malts to the market for you to enjoy.

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At Lochlea, our independently-owned distillery has been quietly producing, casking, and maturing our spirit over the last few years, patiently waiting to share the fruits of our labour with the world. 

Initially led by the experience and expertise of distillery manager Malcolm Rennie, and now under the management of ex-Laphroaig Distillery Manager John Campbell. Having built up one of the top ten Scotch brands in the world over the past 27 years, John brings a wealth of knowledge and a burning ambition to help Lochlea fulfil its potential.

And the result? A whisky for drinking. A whisky that’s not just a bottle to be admired, collected, or saved. It’s a whisky that should find its home in cocktail cabinets, around campfires, in wedding hip flasks, and in your favourite bars, pubs and restaurants. 

Love, care and attention from field to cask has been paramount in creating this whisky. The family-run farm grows and harvests their own barley with draff used to feed local cattle. The water is raised from aquifers in the limestone deep below the steading.

Rooted in Scottish history, we are very proud that Robert Burns called Lochlea his home throughout his formative years, from 1777 until his father’s death in 1784.  By day, Burns worked hard on the farm and in the evening he enjoyed the company of his friends, debating at the Bachelors Club in nearby Tarbolton.  The ground here has inspired the honest, passionate and progressive nature of Lochlea whisky.

Lochlea Our Barley

Our core single malt expression, Lochlea Our Barley sits alongside our seasonal limited-edition whiskies. It is made from and inspired by our barley, grown here on Lochlea Farm.

Production Director John Campbell has carefully honed this recipe using his years of experience, using a combination of first-fill Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry and STR casks. This results in a whole new level of depth and complexity to the final whisky.

Lochlea Our Barley is non-chill filtered with no added colouring.

Details:46% ABV / 700ml
Nose:Pear syrup, fruit bon bons, warm cut grass, marmalade.
Palate:Golden syrup, pepper, rye bread, macadamia nuts, cream soda.
Finish:Long finish with a lasting orange beeswax note.

Lochlea Our Barley is a marriage of 3 cask types that gives a great depth of flavour in our whisky.

We always buy our casks directly from source, as we wish to ensure that when they’re being filled at the distillery, their integrity and freshness is guaranteed.

First-Fill Bourbon: Arriving directly from Loretto, Kentucky, our fresh first-fill Bourbon barrels help to impart golden syrup and cream soda flavours.

Oloroso Sherry: Delivered straight from Jerez, our Oloroso Sherry butts present flavours of fruit bon bons, marmalade and macadamia nuts.

STR (shaved, toasted, re-charred): Also transported directly from Jerez, our STR ex-Rioja barriques impart peppery spice and rye bread notes.

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Our limited-edition seasonal releases showcase the signature Lochlea character in four different styles each year.  As a working farm growing our own barley, these releases signify the annual cycle of what we do here at Lochlea.

The Sowing Edition marks the time around Spring when we sow the barley seed; The Harvest Edition symbolises our barley harvest in the Summer; The Fallow Edition represents the period in Autumn when the ground is left to recover; and The Ploughing Edition depicts Winter, when we plough the soil in preparation for the year ahead.

To mirror our yearly farming cycle, we refer to each annual limited-edition set as Crops. In 2022, we launched our First Crop, followed by our Second Crop in 2023. This year will see the launch of our Third Crop, culminating in our Fourth (and final) Crop in 2025.

Each seasonal release is made with Lochlea’s unique new make spirit matured in different casks, with each Crop being an evolution of the spirit as it matures, taking you on the exciting journey of Lochlea.

Limited Edition Seasonal Releases – Second Crop 


Sowing Edition (Second Crop)

Matured in 100% ex-Bourbon barrels, this limited-edition release is inspired by the season of spring on the farm, when the seed is sown for the year’s barley crop.

We have carefully selected casks that have been further maturing higher up in the warehouse than 2022, to give this whisky its lively fresh flavour profile.

Details:46% ABV / 700ml
Nose:Signature sweet red apple and pear
Palate:Vanilla pods and almond oil
Finish:Medium length with a crisp, refreshing pine forest note

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Harvest Edition (Second Crop)

Matured in Port, STR and first-fill Bourbon casks. This year we’ve upped the Port and swapped out the Sherry butts for STR barriques, resulting in a beautifully fruity and creamy dram.

The coral red label was chosen to reflect the Ayrshire soil, which changes colour to a beautiful sunset tone once the barley has been harvested.

Details:46% ABV / 700ml
Nose:Ripe red grapes, thick cut marmalade, dates
Palate:Pink peppercorns, dried fruit
Finish:A lingering creaminess

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Fallow Edition (Second Crop)

Matured in Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks.

The purple label reflects the season of Autumn, when crisp leaves coat the ground as temperatures begin to fall.

Details:46% ABV / 700ml
Nose:Rich manuka honey, golden syrup
Palate:Ground coffee beans, layers of sweet ginger candy
Finish:Medium length, freshly crushed almonds

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Ploughing Edition (Second Crop)

Matured in 100% ex-Islay 200 litre barrels, this dram is fruity and sweet, with a little kick of peat.

The icy blue label reflects the season of winter on the farm, when we plough the fields in preparation for sowing the barley seed in Spring.

Details:46% ABV / 700ml
Nose:Signature Lochlea cereal, fresh green apple
Palate:Succulent fruit, freshly cut summer hay
Finish:Sea salt, lingering peat embers

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Lochlea Cask Strength Batch One

The first in an annual series of limited edition bottlings.

Each batch will be bottled straight from the casks without dilution, like trying samples straight from the warehouse itself.

Lochlea Cask Strength Batch One is 60.1% ABV and is non-chill filtered with no added colouring.

Details:60.1% ABV / 700ml
Nose:Fruit punch, cigar notes, coffee beans
Palate:Signature Lochlea fruit, Brazil nuts
Finish:Orange syrup, aged oak shavings

Cask Breakdown

Carefully selected by the production team, Lochlea Cask Strength Batch One is matured in first-fill Bourbon barrels and Oloroso Sherry casks that work particularly well at high strength, amplifying the fruit, nut and cereal flavours that form our house spirit style.

First-Fill Bourbon:

Arriving directly from Loretto, Kentucky, our fresh first-fill Bourbon barrels help to impart flavours of Brazil nuts, coffee beans and aged oak shavings.

Oloroso Sherry:

Delivered straight from Jerez, our Oloroso Sherry butts present delectable flavours of tangy orange syrup and fruit punch.

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