Lanique ‘Spirit of Rose’ now available

December 9, 2019

When you drink Lanique, you’re drinking Spirit of Rose, a flower that has been the muse of artists from da Vinci to  Rosetti, the subject of countless works of art and the symbol of ancient kings and emperors.

Lanique is distilled from Attar of Rose, a liquid as valuable as gold. This exotic ingredient is created by steam-distilling thousands of handpicked rose petals. It is then added in a slow multi-part process to fine grain spirit for a unique flavour of Turkish Delight, a hint of cherry and the gorgeous aroma of the most beautiful Damascene rose. 

Appearance: Clear, bright pink Aroma: Ripe rose and raspberry reminiscent of Turkish Delight; with soft hints of lime and strong spirit aromas. 

Taste: A slightly liqueur-like texture with sweet pastilles of rose, ripe raspberry & cherry. An initial warmth & sweetness with an undertone of peppery spirit contrasted with subtle fresh citrus hit. 

Aftertaste: Sweet rose and hints of white chocolate, with a subtle lime acidity and cracked black pepper spiciness provide a beautifully balanced finish. 

The ultimate signature serve of Lanique is a Lanique Rose Petal. The fresh lime complements the natural aroma and taste of Lanique whilst the lime’s bitterness works to balance the sweet Lanique tones. 

60mL Lanique
15mL Fresh lime juice
Lots of crushed ice
Lime Wedge 

Fill tumbler with crushed ice, add Lanique and lime juice. Stir and add lime wedge. More Lanique serves can be found at

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