Lawrenny Estate – Uniquely Tasmanian

August 7, 2018

We are pleased to announce the availability of Lawrenny Estate through The Spirits Company. Lawrenny have two wonderful gins and a great vodka available to order now.

Van Diemen’s Gin (42.5%)

A contemporary, sessionable gin with a fruity profile. Key botanicals include Strawberry, Vanilla, Fennel and Lime Flower. The Van Diemen’s gin is ideal as a mixed drink for long summer days.

1818 Settlers Gin (52.5%)

A full bodied gin that showcases Caraway and Cardamom, the 1818 Settlers is equally at home in a tall glass with tonic or served as the star of a Dry Martini. Superb length of finish means this gin leaves an amazing, lasting impression.

Saint Clair Vodka (40%)

The Saint Clair vodka embraces contemporary style whilst showcasing the history of the Estate. Rosebuds, herbaceous thyme and lemon zest ensure the signature flavour of Lawrenny is found in each glass.

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